IT Background

Extensive testing and stressing of multiple services combined to provide efficient and straightforward solutions.

Configuration and installation of various technologies spacing from hardware, networking, telephony, CCTV, NAS to audio equipment. Interested in IT security at all times.

Professional use and support of a multitude of Linux, Windows and OS X Operating Systems, AD, email and office software, CAD, CMS, CRM and others of any use which would be annoying to list here all.

Hosting & Backup

Day to day servers deployment and managing. Some of current virtual and bare metal cloud and traditional hosting providers: @fa-long-arrow-down@, AWS @fa-arrows-v@, Azure, Cloudways @fa-long-arrow-up@, DigitalOcean @fa-long-arrow-up@, Fasthosts @fa-long-arrow-down@, GoDaddy, Linode @fa-long-arrow-up@, Hetzner, Nexcess, Noamweb, OpenShift, Rackspace @fa-arrows-v@, Scaleway @fa-long-arrow-up@, Vultr @fa-long-arrow-up@ and WPEngine @fa-long-arrow-up@.

Adopting Backup and Storage solutions embracing bash scripts, CodeGuard @fa-long-arrow-up@, Cron, @fa-dropbox@ Dropbox @fa-long-arrow-up@, mysqldump, rsync, TrustedSpace (Agitos) @fa-long-arrow-up@, UpdraftPlus @fa-long-arrow-up@ and other strategies.

Past experiencing or currently reviewing and considering: AFreeCloud :), Backblaze (backup/storage), Bluehost, Cloudron @fa-long-arrow-up@, CloudSigma @fa-long-arrow-down@, Core Backbone @fa-long-arrow-down@, DediServe, Dreamhost, EDIS, ElasticHosts, EuroVPS, Exoscale, Firehost, Flywheel, GoGrid, Google Cloud, HostGator, hubiC (backup/storage), Hyve, InMotion, iwStack (Prometheus), LeaseWeb @fa-long-arrow-down@, Media Temple @fa-arrows-v@, OVH, Pagely,, PythonAnywhere, Pressable, RamNode, Rclone (backup), SingleHop, Site5, SiteGround, Syncthing, Tarsnap (backup), The Forever Cloud @fa-long-arrow-up@, UKHost4u @fa-long-arrow-down@, UpCloud @fa-long-arrow-up@,, WebFaction @fa-long-arrow-up@, WebSynthesis and others.


As the internet is ever-changing, I'm exploring innovations and disruptive technologies that will shape the Internet of tomorrow.

Practical knowledge and professional exposure to Apache, Bash, Chef, Cloudinary @fa-long-arrow-up@, CodeIgniter, cPanel/WHM, CSS, Datadog @fa-long-arrow-up@, DNS, Docker, Drupal, Dynatrace @fa-long-arrow-up@, Ecwid, Elasticsearch, Ghost, Git, GitLab, GitHub, GoAccess, G Suite, HetrixTools @fa-long-arrow-up@, Icinga, InterWorx, JavaScript, Joomla, Keymetrix, Kibana, KVM, Landscape, Let's Encrypt @fa-long-arrow-up@, Logstash, Magento @fa-long-arrow-up@, mailcow, Mailgun @fa-long-arrow-up@, Mandrill, Monitis, MySQL, Nagios, netdata @fa-long-arrow-up@, Nginx, NIXStats @fa-long-arrow-up@, NodeQuery @fa-long-arrow-up@, NodePing, Microsoft Office 365, osCommerce, PandoraFMS, Papertrail @fa-long-arrow-up@, Percona, PHP, phpBB, phpMyAdmin, Pingdom, Plesk, Python, PrestaShop, Proxmox VE @fa-long-arrow-up@, Puppet, Ruby on Rails, Sass, SendGrid @fa-long-arrow-up@, ServerPilot @fa-long-arrow-up@, SFTP, Simple Machines, Sparkpost, SSH, StatusCake @fa-long-arrow-up@, Tomcat, Vagrant, Webmin/Cloudmin @fa-long-arrow-down@, WordPress, Xen, Zabbix, Zimbra and others.

Interested in learning and discover more about Angular, Ansible, Apache CloudStack, Caddy (webserver), CloudLinux (OS), (Managed AWS), ClustrixDB, concrete5 (CMS), CoreOS (OS), DeployBot, DC/OS, Django, EasyEngine, Fabric, Heroku (dev), HPE Helion Eucalyptus, iRedMail, jQuery, KuberDock, Kubernetes (dev), Laravel, Luameter (Nginx metrics), MAAS, Nagios Reactor (automation), OpenNebula, OpenStack Autopilot, ProcessWire (CMS), RancherOS, RhodeCode Appenlight, SaltStack, Server Density (monitoring), Severalnines (DB/clustering), SilverStripe (CMS framework), Stackify (monitoring), Symfony, Terraform, TYPO3, YunoHost (OS) and other solutions.

Networking & Security

Dealing with a multitude of network equipment and configurations such as routers, firewalls, managed switches, VoIP phones, Access Points, Powerlines, Wi-FI, NVR, NAS, etc. of different brands including Cisco, Ubiquiti @fa-long-arrow-up@, Netgear, DrayTek, TP-Link, Linksys, Asus, D-Link and so on.

Actively adopting security solutions and prevention measures such as Akismet, Antispam Bee, Bitdefender, @fa-long-arrow-up@, BulletProof Security, CloudFlare, Fail2Ban, Gmail @fa-smile-o@, Kaspersky, Microsoft, ModSecurity, Nessus, pfSense, reCAPTCHA, SSL (Let's Encrypt @fa-smile-o@), Sucuri, UFW, Wordfence @fa-long-arrow-up@, WPScan (Sucuri) and others.

Tested or considering other alternatives including Acunetix @fa-long-arrow-up@, Akamai, AppCheck-NG, Checkmarx, Cloudbric @fa-long-arrow-down@, CloudLayar, Detectify, Incapsula (and other Imperva services), NAXSI, NinjaFirewall, Palo Alto @fa-long-arrow-up@, RIPS, SecApps and SiteLock.


18-year background in the IT industry, ensuring the stable operation of the organisation's network, telephony, CCTV, server, storage and cloud infrastructure.

Love to be involved in the company's technical strategy and architecture, ensuring optimum technical solutions are maintained and implemented, particularly concerning requirements best fit, reliability, resilience and security.

Looking for someone not afraid to address issues? Here am I!

@fa-phone@ +44 (0) 7821 885680 | @fa-envelope-o@
@fa-skype@ | @fa-map-marker@ Birmingham, UK