Hosting & Backup

Day to day servers deployment and managing. Some of current virtual and bare metal cloud and traditional hosting providers: @[email protected], AWS @[email protected], Azure, Cloudways @[email protected], DigitalOcean @[email protected], Fasthosts @[email protected], GoDaddy, Linode @[email protected], Hetzner, Nexcess, Noamweb, OpenShift, Rackspace @[email protected], Scaleway @[email protected], Vultr @[email protected] and WPEngine @[email protected]

Adopting Backup and Storage solutions embracing bash scripts, CodeGuard @[email protected], Cron, @[email protected] Dropbox @[email protected], mysqldump, rsync, TrustedSpace (Agitos) @[email protected], UpdraftPlus @[email protected] and other strategies.

Past experiencing or currently reviewing and considering: AFreeCloud :), Backblaze (backup/storage), Bluehost, Cloudron @[email protected], CloudSigma @[email protected], Core Backbone @[email protected], DediServe, Dreamhost, EDIS, ElasticHosts, EuroVPS, Exoscale, Firehost, Flywheel, GoGrid, Google Cloud, HostGator, hubiC (backup/storage), Hyve, InMotion, iwStack (Prometheus), LeaseWeb @[email protected], Media Temple @[email protected], OVH, Pagely,, PythonAnywhere, Pressable, RamNode, Rclone (backup), SingleHop, Site5, SiteGround, Syncthing, Tarsnap (backup), The Forever Cloud @[email protected], UKHost4u @[email protected], UpCloud @[email protected],, WebFaction @[email protected], WebSynthesis and others.