As the internet is ever-changing, I'm exploring innovations and disruptive technologies that will shape the Internet of tomorrow.

Practical knowledge and professional exposure to Apache, Bash, Chef, Cloudinary @[email protected], CodeIgniter, cPanel/WHM, CSS, Datadog @[email protected], DNS, Docker, Drupal, Dynatrace @[email protected], Ecwid, Elasticsearch, Ghost, Git, GitLab, GitHub, GoAccess, G Suite, HetrixTools @[email protected], Icinga, InterWorx, JavaScript, Joomla, Keymetrix, Kibana, KVM, Landscape, Let's Encrypt @[email protected], Logstash, Magento @[email protected], mailcow, Mailgun @[email protected], Mandrill, Monitis, MySQL, Nagios, netdata @[email protected], Nginx, NIXStats @[email protected], NodeQuery @[email protected], NodePing, Microsoft Office 365, osCommerce, PandoraFMS, Papertrail @[email protected], Percona, PHP, phpBB, phpMyAdmin, Pingdom, Plesk, Python, PrestaShop, Proxmox VE @[email protected], Puppet, Ruby on Rails, Sass, SendGrid @[email protected], ServerPilot @[email protected], SFTP, Simple Machines, Sparkpost, SSH, StatusCake @[email protected], Tomcat, Vagrant, Webmin/Cloudmin @[email protected], WordPress, Xen, Zabbix, Zimbra and others.

Interested in learning and discover more about Angular, Ansible, Apache CloudStack, Caddy (webserver), CloudLinux (OS), (Managed AWS), ClustrixDB, concrete5 (CMS), CoreOS (OS), DeployBot, DC/OS, Django, EasyEngine, Fabric, Heroku (dev), HPE Helion Eucalyptus, iRedMail, jQuery, KuberDock, Kubernetes (dev), Laravel, Luameter (Nginx metrics), MAAS, Nagios Reactor (automation), OpenNebula, OpenStack Autopilot, ProcessWire (CMS), RancherOS, RhodeCode Appenlight, SaltStack, Server Density (monitoring), Severalnines (DB/clustering), SilverStripe (CMS framework), Stackify (monitoring), Symfony, Terraform, TYPO3, YunoHost (OS) and other solutions.